After the T-Pod project of Einride and Vera from Volvo Trucks, Scania is the third manufacturer to launch an autonomous truck without a cab, called the Scania AXL.

Scania has released the first images and information on the Scania AXL, the company’s first fully cab-free truck in Södertälje.

Scania AXL, the first autonomous truck without a cab from Scania (VIDEO)

To demonstrate its capabilities, Scania introduced the concept in controlled tests in the mine. And if I haven’t convinced you so far, at the end of the material you will find a photo gallery in which Scania AXL is able to perform controlled skidding.

Scania experts say the design of the truck was inspired by Bulldogs, and the chief designer has an explanation for this.

“You can’t develop a product that looks like a friendly one in the conditions in which you have to exploit it in the mine. It has to have a special character, and the design has to reflect that, ”said Xavier Carreras Castro, head of Scania’s design department.

Scania AXL uses a combination of seven video camera systems and three sensor and infrared systems. With the help of these components, the autonomous software draws the map of the places and allows the truck to navigate safely.

“I’ve seen autonomous trucks before, but they all had a cab for a driver meant to monitor the systems,” added one of the Scania representatives. But in mines, in a controlled and well-developed environment, the truck can handle even without a supervisor.

Don’t think that Scania will put this truck into series production. Everything remains at the project stage, but this project helps the Swedish company’s engineers and technicians to learn and develop future technologies.